Expert Service

Expert Reconstruction Company LLC is a traffic accident reconstruction and traffic accident investigation consulting service. We provide science-based expert accident reconstruction, collision analysis and expert witness testimony to the litigation community on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants throughout California and the United States. Our specialties include traffic accident reconstruction, human factors, biomechanics, crash data retrieval,  occupant kinematics, and occupant dynamics in cases involving automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  Expert Reconstruction Company LLC is retained for both civil and criminal matters.  Our clients rely on our 35 years of professional experience to investigate and analyze a wide range of technical traffic accident reconstruction issues. 

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Expert Mission

Our mission is to deliver honest objective traffic accident reconstruction analysis as an integral component in the process of evaluating traffic accidents and collisions.  We are dedicated to providing clients and the triers of fact with accurate and comprehensive assessments of all the pertinent traffic accident reconstruction issues. [ Read More

Expert Approach

We engage with clients to acquire, review, and consider all of the factual and relevant evidence in each traffic accident case.  This is followed by independent investigations and inspections of vehicles and accident sites, as needed.  We utilize the laws of science and physics in conjunction with an understanding of human factors, biomechanics and basic engineering principles.  The result of this process is that we are able to address expert traffic accident reconstruction questions pertaining to WHAT, HOW, and WHY an accident happened. [ Read More ]